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December 2015 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Truck accidents can cause catastrophic damage

Truck accidents with such large vehicles as 18-wheeled semis can be harrowing experiences. Those types of truck accidents can result in major damage to other vehicles and to people. Troopers with the Colorado State Patrol reported a recent accident involving one of those semis and a pickup truck.

Colorado car accidents: 2 killed, 3 injured in crash

Two men were recently killed in a terrible crash in Franktown, which is southeast of the Denver area. Three other individuals suffered serious injuries in the wreck. Sadly, in Colorado and elsewhere car accidents of this nature occur far more frequently than most would like to think.

Car accidents resulting in death may lead to lawsuits

Car accidents have the potential to cause much devastation to those affected by the aftermath. Not only can there be much damage to the vehicles involved, but car accidents can result in serious physical injury or even death to the people in those vehicles. A Colorado woman was killed in a recent afternoon accident.

Police officers are not immune to injury in car accidents

People are affected by car accidents every day. Some accidents are minor and cause little damage, both to vehicles and to the people involved. Other accidents are devastating, totaling cars and resulting in death to one or more people. Reports from the Colorado Springs Police department say that one of their own was injured in one of the many car accidents that occur on their roads.

Car accidents may result in serious injury

Car accidents on Colorado roads are not rare. Sometimes weather can be a factor and other times, vehicle malfunction can be the cause of the trouble. However, most car accidents, it seems, are as a result of operator negligence and carelessness. A recent accident between two vehicles resulted in medical treatment for four people.


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