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November 2015 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Motorcycle accidents often result of carelessness of others

Motorcycle accidents frequently occur because drivers of other vehicles are negligent and careless when they are on the road. Drivers may pull out in front of motorcycles or they may follow the motorcycles too closely in traffic, causing a collision. Motorcycle accidents can often result in severe injury or even death to the rider. One rider was killed in an accident at a Colorado Springs intersection.

Car accidents can be caused by drivers under the influence

Car accidents do not happen only to ordinary citizens, they also can happen to law enforcement officials who patrol the streets and highways to ensure safety to all on the roads. A state patrol trooper was killed at the scene of one of the many car accidents that have occurred on the portion of Interstate 25 that runs through Colorado. The 33-year-old female trooper left behind a small child and a husband.

Lawsuits can be filed for car accidents resulting in death

Colorado residents who have been involved in car accidents may face long-lasting challenges. Minor accidents may leave victims anxious about getting behind the wheel or even riding as passengers in the future. Major car accidents may result in permanent serious injuries or even death, and both can cause emotional pain and financial hardship.

Colorado wrongful death claims sometimes mention alcohol/drugs

The vast expanses of Colorado include busy highways that thousands of motorists share on a daily basis. Some are tourists and many are residents, traveling here or there and hoping to arrive safely. When an accident occurs, it can leave disaster and tragedy in its wake. If a crash proves fatal, the devastation is magnified; when caused by driver negligence, it sometimes leads to a wrongful death claim being filed in a civil court.


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