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Car accidents in Colorado may leave victims with uncertainty

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Car accidents on the highways of Colorado are frequent and can be caused by any number of factors. Adverse weather conditions, car trouble or just plain carelessness on the part of a driver can be enough to instigate a crash. The severity of the injuries caused by these car accidents also vary from minor to fatal. A recent accident involving two vehicles caused injuries of differing degrees.

According to a report from a state trooper, a man and woman in a large sedan were trying to cross a state highway when a vehicle traveling northbound on the same highway hit them. The 83-year-old female passenger was taken to an area hospital with injuries listed as serious. The 82-year-old man driving the sedan was also taken to the same hospital, but his injuries were not as severe.

Hospital staff treated the driver of the other vehicle, but his injuries were found to be minor. A report on the accident did not state what authorities believe to have been the cause. No citations by patrol officers had been issued as of the morning after the accident.

Similar car accidents may have more defined circumstances that make it clear who was at fault. When fault can be established in an accident, it is easier for a victim to be able to file a lawsuit to seek financial compensation that will cover any expenses resulting from the accident. Colorado residents who have been involved in vehicular accidents may want to speak to a legal professional who will be able to guide them through the process of pursuing the compensation they need.

Source: dailycamera.com, "Longmont woman suffers serious injuries in Diagonal crash", John Bear, Oct. 5, 2015

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