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October 2015 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Parents file wrongful death lawsuit after son shot while hunting

The parents of a 14-year-old Colorado boy have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a man after he allegedly killed their son. The wrongful death suit was filed in federal court because the man is from another state and because the amount the parents are seeking, although unspecified in a media report, is over $75,000. The parents also have requested a trial by jury.

Alcohol the cause of one of Colorado's recent car accidents

Car accidents due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical failures are disconcerting enough. However, when car accidents are due to preventable circumstances, such as drug or alcohol use, the aftermaths are even more devastating. One such accident recently occurred on a portion of Interstate 25 in Colorado.

Settlement brings dismissal of wrongful death lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit has recently been dismissed with a settlement of an undisclosed amount. A woman died while skiing on a Colorado mountain and her family claims it was the fault of another skier. The wrongful death case was set to go to trial early next year but that has been removed from the schedule as a condition of the dismissal.

Car accidents in Colorado may leave victims with uncertainty

Car accidents on the highways of Colorado are frequent and can be caused by any number of factors. Adverse weather conditions, car trouble or just plain carelessness on the part of a driver can be enough to instigate a crash. The severity of the injuries caused by these car accidents also vary from minor to fatal. A recent accident involving two vehicles caused injuries of differing degrees.

Colorado police officer involved in one of town's car accidents

Car accidents and their aftermaths can be scary experiences for the people involved. Car accidents can happen to anyone, including those sworn to uphold the law. The chief of police of a small Colorado town corroborated Colorado State Patrol reports that his son, a police officer employed by the town, was responsible for an accident while driving his patrol vehicle.


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