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Man and woman injured in one of several motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen every day somewhere in Colorado. Injuries received from these motorcycle accidents can range from minor scrapes to serious injuries and fatalities. The fact is there is little protection for those who choose a motorcycle as their mode of transportation.

Police reports state two people were riding on a motorcycle when they crossed too far into the opposite lane and hit the curb on the side of the road. Both riders were thrown from the motorcycle. Police think the driver committed several traffic violations before crashing, including vehicular assault. Their report showed that neither rider wore a helmet.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the male driver lying in the road with his bike nearby. His female passenger, however, was at a convenience store away from the scene of the wreck. They were both transported to a local hospital with severe injuries. While the injuries to the driver were stated as being life-threatening, police believe the passenger will recover.

There are many possible causes of motorcycle accidents. Some can be the fault of the driver, such as speeding, ignoring the conditions of traffic through which they are traveling or not having enough experience to be on the road. Sometimes another driver is not able to see a motorcyclist because of a blind spot or glare from the sun. While safety should be the number one concern while driving any vehicle, it is even more important on a motorcycle. Those in Colorado who have been injured by another person while riding a motorcycle may want to consider the option of a lawsuit to cover any resulting medical expenses.

Source: gazette.com, “2 injured after motorcycle crash in Colorado Springs“, Aug. 28, 2015


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