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Death and injuries caused by 1 of Colorado’s car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time while out on the road. Injuries from these car accidents can range from minor to fatal. Such was the case for a crash involving three vehicles that recently took place on a Colorado highway.

A sedan being driven by a 16-year-old girl was attempting to make a left-hand turn off the highway. A pickup truck hit the sedan as it was making the turn, causing the sedan to spin. As it was coming to a stop, the sedan hit an SUV that was waiting at the intersection.

The 16-year-old driver was injured and was taken to a nearby hospital. However, her passenger was killed in the crash even though he was wearing his seat belt. No one in the SUV was hurt, but the two men in the pickup truck were seriously injured and were also transported to the hospital. The teenage driver was cited, but the report did not identify what charges will be issued.

If it is found that negligence on the part of the young girl was the cause of the accident, the people who were injured could file a personal injury lawsuit against her or against the owners of the vehicle that she was driving. A successful lawsuit could result in compensation for medical bills, lost wages from missing work or other damages. Colorado residents who have been physically or emotionally affected from the aftermath of one of these types of car accidents may want legal advice as they consider their options when seeking compensation.

Source: gazette.com, “Teen cited in U.S. 24 crash that killed northern Colorado man“, Aug. 3, 2015


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