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Colorado car accidents could result in litigation

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Most states have several car accidents every day and Colorado is no exception. These car accidents happen any time during the day and can affect varying numbers of people on the road. A state patrol officer stated there were injuries in one such recent accident that involved multiple vehicles.

The early morning car accident happened when the driver of a minivan allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. The minivan rolled into an intersection against a red light and ran into a sedan. The sedan then hit another car while the minivan kept going and hit two other cars.

Emergency squad personnel had to cut out two of the occupants from the sedan and take them to local hospitals for treatment, where their injuries were listed as serious. The driver of the minivan was hurt, but the injuries were minimal, as were the injuries of the occupants in the other cars that were hit. Officers do not think the incident was a result of drug or alcohol use and will charge the driver of the minivan with careless driving or failure to yield.

Car accidents have the potential to cause a lot of damage physically, financially and emotionally. The person found to be responsible for the destruction could be caught up in a lawsuit and face serious penalties. An individual in Colorado who has been injured by the careless act of another has the right to request financial compensation that will help pay medical bills, lost wages and legal costs incurred as a result of such an accident.

Source: dailycamera.com, "CSP: Sleeping driver ran red light, caused 5-car pileup on Boulder-bound Diagonal", Mitchell Byars, June 25, 2015

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