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Car accidents can cause devastation

Patricia M. Jarzobski

The residual effects of car accidents can vary from minimal to fatal. Car accidents can be caused by adverse weather conditions or by the carelessness of a driver. Residents in a Colorado neighborhood put in a call to local police after they heard a loud, booming sound that turned out to be a collision between two cars. Police and other emergency responders arrived to find four people had been injured in the crash.

According to eyewitnesses, a sedan was making a left turn when a Chevrolet Corvette ran a red light and hit the sedan. One witness said the Corvette was going at an excessive speed when the collision occurred. The impact actually caused the sedan to break in two pieces.

The two people in the Corvette, a man and a woman, had to be pulled out of the car by rescue workers. The car caught fire just after they were freed. A man and a boy, who was said to be around the age of 11, were in the sedan. Those around them said they were both coherent enough to speak but the man's seatbelt had come unfastened and the boy was hanging out of his side of the car. All four people were taken to local hospitals by ambulance but their conditions were not made known.

When car accidents like this one occur, it is easy to make educated guesses on what happened. However, a thorough investigation may show a much different, and more accurate, portrayal of events. A report on the car accident did not give any indication of the types of charges Colorado police plan to issue. It also did not specify if drug or alcohol use by the driver of the Corvette was suspected to be the cause of the collision. Depending on what an ensuing investigation finds, the driver of the Corvette could be facing civil lawsuits from the driver of the sedan as well as from the female passenger in the Corvette.

Source: gazette.com, "Four hospitalized after crash on North Nevada Ave. in Colorado Springs", July 13, 2015

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