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July 2015 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

1 of several motorcycle accidents claims life of Colorado man

With a motorcycle being a smaller vehicle, it can easily get lost in the blind spot of a sedan or truck when out on the road. Because of this, motorcycle accidents happen much too often when those on two wheels are not seen by other motorists who may not be as vigilant as they could be. A 60-year-old Colorado man was recently killed in one of those motorcycle accidents.

Judge agrees to change venue for Colorado wrongful death trial

At the request of the defendant in the case, a venue change has been granted in a wrongful death trial. The judge came to his decision because jurors will need to make several site visits to a Colorado mountain where a man died in an avalanche. The mountain is located in the county where the wrongful death trial will now be held.

Car accidents can cause devastation

The residual effects of car accidents can vary from minimal to fatal. Car accidents can be caused by adverse weather conditions or by the carelessness of a driver. Residents in a Colorado neighborhood put in a call to local police after they heard a loud, booming sound that turned out to be a collision between two cars. Police and other emergency responders arrived to find four people had been injured in the crash.

Colorado mother files wrongful death lawsuit against ex-husband

A Colorado woman has accused her ex-husband of negligence which, according to her claims, led to the death of their son. She has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against him, which includes a claim for loss of consortium. A report on the wrongful death suit did not specify the amount she is seeking in damages.

Colorado car accidents could result in litigation

Most states have several car accidents every day and Colorado is no exception. These car accidents happen any time during the day and can affect varying numbers of people on the road. A state patrol officer stated there were injuries in one such recent accident that involved multiple vehicles.


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