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April 2015 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Importance of insurance raises concerns for ridesharing drivers

Insurance is obviously a critical resource for those who are harmed in a motor vehicle accident. Because of this, it is important for every driver to periodically review their policy to ensure they have an appropriate amount of coverage available in the event of an accident.

Seeking damages against an aggressive driver

Aggressive driving is not at all unique to the state of Colorado. It is a problem everywhere. Generally speaking, you know it when you see it: trailing too close; cutting off other drivers; speeding, outraged gesticulation. In some ways, road rage could be somewhat comical, if it weren’t for the fact that it puts other motorists at serious risk of harm.

Cognitive distraction behind the wheel nothing to sneeze at

In our last post, we spoke about the issue of distracted driving and the need to continue addressing the problem from various angles. Many states, in an attempt to fight distracted driving, as readers know, have passed bans not only on texting but on all use of hand-held devices while driving. Colorado is not among those states, at least not yet.

National campaign to target distracted driving

Distracted driving, as we’ve previously mentioned on this blog, is a serious problem all states are currently dealing with in one way or another. Various approaches to the problem are being tried, including criminal penalties, increased law enforcement and public service campaigns. Readers may know that the Colorado State Patrol worked a campaign just last month to target distracted drivers. The comical slogan used for the effort was “Get your head out of your apps.”

Seeking punitive damages in Colorado auto accident cases, P.2

We’ve been looking at the topic of punitive damages and what Colorado law has to say about them. Again, punitive damages are only available in certain types of cases and there are certain limitations on how large a punitive damages award can be. That being said, there are certain situations where judges in Colorado are actually able to increase a punitive damages award beyond what a jury awards to a plaintiff.


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