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January 2015 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Was a seizure cause for an officer being hurt in a car accident?

The job of police officers is to protect citizens and ensure safety. An unfortunate side effect of their line of work is that they have the potential to be injured in a car accident while on duty. This is what happened recently to a Colorado officer who was performing crowd control duty for a high school in light of protests of the Ferguson court case ruling.

Road conditions, speeding may have caused a fatal car accident

When the weather gets colder, icy roadways and other treacherous situations are often prevalent. These circumstances mandate that Colorado drivers use caution, obey posted speed limits and drive according to existing conditions. Unfortunately, some drivers are not as cautious, and those actions could result in serious injuries or even a fatal car accident.

Driver going too fast allegedly causes a fatal car accident

Drivers who are speeding are not only breaking the law, but they also may struggle to maneuver their vehicles correctly. Navigating turns and curves are much more difficult when a Colorado driver is going too fast. To protect everyone, the law has posted speed limits and other traffic devices in place. Disobeying speed limits can lead to injuring innocent victims or even result in a fatal car accident.

A car accident that injured 3 people is under investigation

Ringing in the new year with family and friends is a great way to reconnect and celebrate. Unfortunately, after the festivities, some Colorado drivers may make poor decisions and not pay attention to the road. This could cause them to drive too quickly or disregard traffic signals and signs. All of these factors can be a tragic recipe for a car accident.


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