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Colorado teen still in hospital after a hit and run car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2014 | Car Accidents

When it is dark, drivers should be especially careful because of how difficult it can be to see. It can be hard to notice pedestrians who are out walking and, if a driver is not careful, he or she can miss someone and cause a car accident. Many innocent people in Colorado are hurt each year because of drivers not being as cautious as they should.

During the early morning in late October, a teenager was walking in the roadway. A vehicle described by witnesses as a white or silver sedan was seen traveling in that area. The driver of the sedan allegedly struck the 17-year-old boy and did not stop after the collision.

The young man was severely injured in the car accident. He was transported by ambulance to a nearby medical facility. As of the latest report, the teen is still in the hospital being treated for his injuries. 

Colorado police are continuing to gather information and are hoping that someone who saw the car accident will step forward to help them find the driver. Right now, the young man needs to focus his energy on his recovery. Once he feels better and the negligent driver has been identified, the teen may choose to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver. If evidence dictates that the driver’s negligence was either a contributing factor or the actual cause of the crash, the victim may be awarded financial redress. Money awarded due to successful personal injury claims compensates victims for pain and suffering, as well as covering the cost of medical treatment and lost wages.

Source: dailycamera.com, “Boulder police: Still no suspects in hit-and-run as 17-year-old remains hospitalized“, Mitchell Byars, Oct. 29, 2014


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