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Surveillance records car accident striking 2 adults and 1 child

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Police are hoping that surveillance video footage will help them find a hit-and-run driver from a recent evening accident. The car accident occurred about a block away from a Colorado City Councilman's office. He is hoping that someone with information will come forward to police to try and identify the driver.

The surveillance footage came from a nearby automotive store. Two adults were walking hand-in-hand with a child. An SUV somehow ended up on the sidewalk and struck the group from behind. The driver did not stop and abandoned the scene of the accident.

All of the victims were transported to a nearby medical facility. According to the initial report, one of the victims had grievous injuries. Paramedics arrive on the scene eight minutes after the accident. The video documents that one of the people lay on the ground unmoving for a few minutes until they received assistance. The current status of the victims has not yet been disclosed.

Once the driver involved in the car accident has been identified, the injured victims may choose to file a personal injury claim against that individual. The parents of the injured child may file a claim on his or her behalf. The video evidence may play an important role in any criminal or civil proceedings that result from this tragic hit-and-run accident. If liability is established in a Colorado civil courtroom, the injured victims may be awarded financial redress to help alleviate the burden of their medical expenses as well as damages to help them cope with any pain and suffering occasioned by their accident injuries.

Source: denverchannel.com, "Denver hit-and-run caught on surveillance video; police say driver struck 2 adults, child", Marshall Zellinger, Oct. 9, 2014

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