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Colorado motorcycle accident takes the life of the rider

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

When the weather is beautiful, it can be hard for a motorcycle rider to not take advantage of the weather and go on as many rides as possible before the season shifts. A rider’s safety is not only determined by the rider’s own actions, but it is also determined by the other Colorado drivers with whom he or she is sharing the road. A driver who stops paying attention, even for a moment, can cause a motorcycle accident that can inflict serious or even fatal injuries to a motorcycle rider.

During a recent early morning, a man was traveling east on the highway in a small car. At the same time, a motorcyclist was headed west in the left hand lane of the same roadway. According to police, the driver of the car turned north, which led him directly into the path of the motorcycle. The two vehicles reportedly smashed into one another, causing the rider to be thrown from his motorcycle and onto the road.

The driver of the Escape was wearing his seat belt. He was not injured during the accident. Unfortunately, the motorcycle rider did not survive the crash and died at the scene.

At this time, Colorado State Patrol does not believe that speeding or driving under the influence are factors in this accident, but the motorcycle accident is currently under investigation. Nothing can be done to change the outcome of this tragedy, but the family of the deceased may find some sense of justice in filing a wrongful death claim. In that manner, they can seek to hold the party deemed responsible accountable for his actions. If the submitted evidence proves that the driver was negligent, the court may award financial relief to the family to help alleviate the burden of the medical and end-of-life expenses, as well as other damages as provided by our wrongful death laws.

Source: fox21news.com, “One dead after motorcycle and car crash”, , Aug. 21, 2014

Source: fox21news.com, “One dead after motorcycle and car crash”, , Aug. 21, 2014


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