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August 2014 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Head-on car accident kills a young driver and her passenger

Unfortunately, a great number of accidents occur in Colorado when a driver stops focusing on the road. Whether it is because the driver is in a daze, inebriated or something else, the result is often the same. Many head-on accidents occur when a driver crosses into the opposing lane of traffic and causes a car accident. There are some instances when those involved may only suffer minor injuries, but there are other times when serious injuries and/or fatalities result.

Colorado motorcycle accident takes the life of the rider

When the weather is beautiful, it can be hard for a motorcycle rider to not take advantage of the weather and go on as many rides as possible before the season shifts. A rider's safety is not only determined by the rider’s own actions, but it is also determined by the other Colorado drivers with whom he or she is sharing the road. A driver who stops paying attention, even for a moment, can cause a motorcycle accident that can inflict serious or even fatal injuries to a motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle accident causes rider's gun to shoot him in his chest

Unfortunate accidents happen every day across the United States. Even if they are obeying all safety precautions, motorcycle riders can be especially susceptible to accidents that are caused by a reckless or negligent driver. A Colorado driver who is not paying attention can easily miss a cyclist, causing a motorcycle accident that can inflict injuries to even the most cautious rider.

Tragic car accident takes the lives of 2 young adults

Police enforce laws on speed in an attempt to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Colorado drivers who are inclined to go over the speed limit are at a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident. Going over the speed limit can result in an accident that causes injuries or even death.

Did driving while high cause a car accident that injured 6?

Although marijuana may be legal in Colorado, it may still be dangerous to get behind the wheel after smoking it. A representative for Smart Colorado stated that many people who had not experienced marijuana are now experimenting, which can be very dangerous. A recent car accident is another example of victims being seriously injured due to a driver being under the influence of marijuana.


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