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Colorado fatal car accident — SUV collides with building

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | Car Accidents

Consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel is a dangerous combination. The driver places all of his or her passengers at risk, as well as everyone else sharing the road. A momentary lapse of judgment from a Colorado driver can cause a needless car accident. Many of these accidents can be avoided simply by not driving after drinking alcohol.

According to police, a man drove his sports utility vehicle across a southbound traffic lane in Denver. As he crossed traffic, he apparently crashed into the Accent Optics building. The vehicle contained four passengers, three women and a man.

All of the passengers were injured as a result of the car accident. As of the most recent update, one of the women passed away. The driver also had some injuries and was seen wearing a sling during his most recent court appearance.

Due to the recent events of the woman’s passing, a Colorado district attorney may be taking another look at the charges that the driver faces. The driver is being charged with driving with a license that was revoked, driving under the influence and vehicular assault. The injured parties may elect to file a personal injury claim against the party deemed responsible for the car accident to seek reimbursement for any medical expenses and other damages sustained. Separately, the surviving family members of the deceased victim may choose to file a wrongful death claim in a Colorado civil court against the driver and any separate owner of the SUV involved in the crash. The life of a loved one can never be replaced, but the victim’s family may be able to find some sense of justice by seeking to hold those deemed responsible fully accountable under the law.

Source: CBS Denver, “Victim Dies A Week After SUV Crash Into Optics Store“, , July 19, 2014


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