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A July 4th celebration ends in a fatal car accident, 3 dead

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2014 | Car Accidents

Summer is a great time for people to spend time with their friends and celebrate all of the festivities that happen while the weather is warm. In many cases, these types of celebrations involve drinking. Colorado drivers who have been drinking with their friends and subsequently get behind the wheel significantly raise the likelihood of a car accident. These types of careless motor vehicle accidents often end in tragedy.

A group of teachers from Eagle Valley High School and their friends were traveling home after a July Fourth celebration when a tragic accident occurred. Reportedly, the vehicle drove off the edge of Highway 145 and began to roll. After flipping over several times, the vehicle came to rest at the bottom of a rocky embankment.

Inside the vehicle were three passengers and the driver. The driver and two of the passengers did not survive the accident. The surviving passenger escaped the wreckage and made his way out to find a deputy for help.

Alcohol is being considered as a causal factor regarding this car accident. The grieving families of the deceased will never have their loved ones returned to them, but they may find some sense of solace in filing a claim against the party who is deemed responsible — in this case, the estate of the deceased driver. If the Colorado driver is found to be negligent under our laws, the families of the deceased may be entitled to a monetary judgment against his estate for financial losses. This may help to ease the monetary burden of the medical and end-of-life expenses associated with this tragedy.

Source: CBS Denver, “Alcohol Suspected In Fatal Crash Near Telluride“, , July 8, 2014


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