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July 2014 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Colorado fatal car accident -- SUV collides with building

Consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel is a dangerous combination. The driver places all of his or her passengers at risk, as well as everyone else sharing the road. A momentary lapse of judgment from a Colorado driver can cause a needless car accident. Many of these accidents can be avoided simply by not driving after drinking alcohol.

Young Colorado boy's death blamed on senseless car accident

Many seemingly harmless roads can become dangerous when a driver exceeds the speed limit. Colorado police enforce the posted speed limit in an effort to prevent a needless car accident. When drivers travel too quickly, they can easily lose control and cause significant harm to themselves and others around them.

A July 4th celebration ends in a fatal car accident, 3 dead

Summer is a great time for people to spend time with their friends and celebrate all of the festivities that happen while the weather is warm. In many cases, these types of celebrations involve drinking. Colorado drivers who have been drinking with their friends and subsequently get behind the wheel significantly raise the likelihood of a car accident. These types of careless motor vehicle accidents often end in tragedy.

1 injured, 1 dead as a result of a Highway 94 car accident

Teenagers who receive their driver's license are usually excited to get behind the wheel and enjoy their a new-found sense of freedom. Nevertheless, if a teen does not have his or her full attention on the road and surroundings, the chance of a car accident dramatically increases. These car accidents can cause serious injuries or even death to the driver and/or others in or near the roadway.

Sleeping driver allegedly causes fatal car accident in Denver

There are many ways that a driver can pose a greater risk for a fatal car accident. Some of these ways include drunk driving, distracted driving, reckless behavior or driving while extremely fatigued. For example, a woman from the Pueblo area of Colorado allegedly caused a fatal car accident because she fell asleep behind the wheel. This tragic accident may serve as an example of the serious consequences of a fatigued driver.


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