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Man on a scooter seriously injured in a hit-and-run car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2014 | Car Accidents

When an accident happens, there is always a chance that any of the people involved could be hurt. If a person is injured in a car accident, the driver is required by Colorado law to wait on authorities to arrive and provide reasonable aid to the victims who were hurt, if applicable. A negligent driver who decides to abandon the scene will face serious legal repercussions, which may be worse than if he or she had waited for the police to arrive.

During a recent evening shortly after midnight, police were alerted to an accident in which a man riding a motorized scooter was hit by a car. According to police, the rider was struck from behind, but the vehicle did not stop. The scooter was stuck to the front of the car from the impact of the accident. Later, police reportedly found the scooter on another road, but they did not find the suspect vehicle.

The rider was seriously injured and was transported to a medical facility for treatment. From the accident, he received some broken bones, head injuries and road rash. The victim’s family stated that it is very likely that he may suffer some hearing loss as well.

Colorado police are still searching for the driver and the vehicle involved in the car accident, but they do have a basic description. After the person has been identified and is proved to have been a negligent driver in the eyes of the law, the victim may choose to file a personal injury claim against him or her. If the claim is successfully navigated, the victim may receive monetary compensation to alleviate some of the burden from the medical expenses he incurred as well as the pain he endured in the accident.

Source: krdo.com, “Family of hit-and-run victim wants justice”, , May 26, 2014


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