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Motorcycle accident claims the life of both riders involved

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Riding a motorcycle can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take in some sunshine as the weather becomes nicer. All motorists should be paying very close attention to the road around them as well as others traveling nearby. If a Colorado cyclist is not paying attention, the likelihood of a motorcycle accident increases. In some severe cases, there is also the potential for one or both of the involved parties to die.

During the early afternoon of March 30, a male driver was riding his motorcycle westbound on the road. According to Colorado State Troopers, the man drove his motorcycle into the opposite lane of traffic and crossed the center line. Reportedly, another motorcycle who was traveling in the correct direction collided head-on with the first cyclist.

The wreckage from both motorcycles became strewn across the road after the deadly crash. The helmets of both men were also found in the crash site after the riders were thrown from their motorcycles. The rider that crossed the line died immediately following the accident. The other rider was taken to a medical facility for treatment, but passed away in the hospital.

Colorado authorities do not believe that alcohol was a causal factor in this motorcycle accident. However, police do believe that speeding for the conditions likely played some role in this crash. If authorities conclude from the evidence that the driver who crossed the center lane is at fault, the surviving family members of the deceased victim may consider filing a civil claim against the deceased rider's estate. The family may receive monetary retribution for their lost loved one to cover medical and end-of-life expenses as well as some compensation for their emotional pain and suffering.

Source: 9news.com, "Head-on motorcycle crash kills 2 near Horsetooth Reservior", , March 30, 2014

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