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April 2014 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Dangerous road conditions contribute to a car accident injuring 3

The weather can make for an enjoyable drive if it is pleasant, but it can also cause slick conditions that make drivers prone to get into accidents. Colorado drivers who do not proceed with caution can easily cause a car accident if they lose control of their vehicle. If a driver is not careful, he or she may get injured as well as the passengers and other vehicles which are nearby on the road.

Motorcycle accident injures rider and occupants inside the car

Many people believe that riding a motorcycle is a wonderful hobby to enjoy when the weather is warm. Unfortunately, there is only so much protection that can be provided for a Colorado rider in the event of a collision. Motor vehicle drivers who are distracted or are not being attentive can collide and cause a motorcycle accident. These types of accidents can not only harm motorcycle riders, but also any occupants that are inside larger vehicles.

Deadly Colorado car accident takes the life of 2 drivers

It may seem like common sense for cars to stay on the appropriate side of the road, but many times vehicles unexpectedly cross into the opposite lane of traffic. When Colorado drivers are not paying attention or are under the influence, it can be quite easy for them to cross into oncoming traffic. A simple mistake caused by an inattentive driver has the potential to cause a car accident that could inevitably lead to death.

Motorcycle accident claims the life of both riders involved

Riding a motorcycle can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take in some sunshine as the weather becomes nicer. All motorists should be paying very close attention to the road around them as well as others traveling nearby. If a Colorado cyclist is not paying attention, the likelihood of a motorcycle accident increases. In some severe cases, there is also the potential for one or both of the involved parties to die.

High-speed car accident leads to the death of a teen

Even if the person driving is being careful, it can be the other people on the road that a driver needs to worry about. If an operator is impaired in any way, there is a good chance that they can cause a car accident. Making the decision to get onto a Colorado road while under the influence could lead to the serious injury or even death of other people on the road.


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