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Can road rage be the cause of a car accident?

Patricia M. Jarzobski

There are times when most drivers are going to get a little angry at the situations around them. One driver could even pull out in front of another on a Colorado road and potentially cause a car accident. As much as it can become difficult for a driver to keep his or herself calm in such situations, doing so is an important part of driving a vehicle. If an individual becomes overwhelmed by emotions -- such as being extremely angry with road rage or getting upset and crying -- while he or she is driving, an accident may occur that could be fatal.

A family's desperation to find out what happened to their son led to them offering a $10,000 reward. On March 1, a hit-and-run accident occurred on North Academy Boulevard that injured an adult male. The man was allegedly the victim of another driver's road rage that left him in grievous condition.

The man who is suspected of the crime was recently arrested on attempted vehicular homicide. Last year, he was also a suspect in another case that was similar to this one. He was eventually arrested by authorities, though it is not known as to whether the reward offered by the family was a key in catching him. Two other individuals were also arrested for allegedly harboring the driver.

Once the injured man is in more stable condition, he can choose to file a personal injury claim against the reckless driver. If he wins his case, he may be awarded monetary compensation for the medical bills that he has incurred as well as damages such as pain and suffering. Any Colorado individual who has been injured in a car accident by no fault of his or her own may research filing a claim against the responsible party.

Source: The Gazette, Man arrested in attempted murder road-rage case, Lisa Walton, March 14, 2014

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