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March 2014 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Can road rage be the cause of a car accident?

There are times when most drivers are going to get a little angry at the situations around them. One driver could even pull out in front of another on a Colorado road and potentially cause a car accident. As much as it can become difficult for a driver to keep his or herself calm in such situations, doing so is an important part of driving a vehicle. If an individual becomes overwhelmed by emotions -- such as being extremely angry with road rage or getting upset and crying -- while he or she is driving, an accident may occur that could be fatal.

Head-on car accident in Colorado ends in multiple injuries

Traveling on the road can be dangerous if a driver is not paying attention. Colorado drivers should always keep their eyes open and stay inside their own lane. If a motorist is not careful, there is a chance of a car accident that can cause very serious injuries to the other drivers and their passengers.

Car accident ends in death of a passenger and an injured driver

Any time that a driver gets behind the wheel, he or she should be vigilant to the surroundings and other drivers. This includes not being distracted by other people inside the car and objects such as cellphones while a person is driving. The moment that a Colorado driver stops paying attention can be the moment that another person may be seriously injured or possibly killed in a car accident.

Can protective gear be held liable for a brain injury?

Many parents who have children involved in contact sports always worry about the worst-case scenario. There is always a fear that a child can suffer permanent damage to his or her limbs or a brain injury. Colorado parents take every precaution that they can and place the rest of their trust into the coaches and the protection that is given to their children to wear. The problem remains, if a child does get hurt, who or what is to blame?


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