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Fatal plane accident at Colorado airport

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2014 | Wrongful Death

A catastrophic plane crash occurred on a Sunday afternoon. The fatal plane accident resulted in one fatality and caused injury to two other passengers. The incident happened when the plane’s pilot was attempting to land at a Colorado airport.

The private plane was in the midst of landing at the airport during windy conditions. At first attempt, the pilot announced the conditions through a radio call. During the second attempt, the plane erupted in flames right before it crashed and flipped over. Aside from the deceased passenger, one of the passengers suffered critical injuries and a third passenger, at last report, was hospitalized in fair condition. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that there were no mechanical defects prior to the plane crash.

Both victims’ injuries were determined to be traumatic, and the incident forced the airport to close down that same afternoon. The accident is still being investigated by authorities and the National Transportation Safety Board. This is not the first time an accident like this occurred. Back in 2001, another private plane crashed and resulted in the deaths of all occupants.

A fatal plane accident is a rare but dangerous occurrence. The outcome of this continuing investigation could uncover liability in this case. The family members of the deceased passenger on board may have the right to file wrongful death suits against the pilot and any other separate owner of the plane. The court system in Colorado will examine the evidence to determine if compensation is an appropriate remedy for the victims’ families.

Source: Fox News, Authorities identify man killed in Aspen, Colo. plane crash, No author, Jan. 5, 2014


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