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December 2013 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Colorado man sentenced for vehicular homicide in fatal accident

A 25-year-old man recently pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter for an accident that occurred last year. He has been sentenced to five years in jail for causing the fatal accident. When he finishes with the jail sentence, the Colorado man will be required to serve a 36-month parole sentence, 48 community service hours and other penalties.

1 pedestrian killed in Denver area car accident

On Thursday evening, Dec. 18, one pedestrian was killed and three others were injured in Denver area traffic accidents. A car accident involving a pedestrian rarely ends well for the person on foot. The family members of a deceased victim, along with the injured victims whose injuries will take time to heal, often must live for with the intensely negative after-affects of the tragedy for years to come.

Colorado lawsuit filed against Toyota in fatal car accident

On March 22, 2011, a father and his 10-year-old son were killed in a horrific car accident. Their Toyota sport utility vehicle was struck head-on by another vehicle on U.S Highway 160. Following the impact, their vehicle burst into flames. Now the victims' surviving family members, who were also injured in the fatal car accident, are bringing a case against Toyota, alleging that failures in the vehicle's impact-management system were at least partly to blame for the deaths.

Passenger injured after driver flees car accident

A Colorado passenger was left suspended in an overturned pickup truck late one Tuesday night. After serious car accidents, dealing with the oftentimes long-lasting physical and emotional pain can be difficult for victims to handle. For Colorado car accident victims, a personal injury claim can be a smart step in dealing with the aftermath of the wreck.


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