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September 2013 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Colorado car accident kills bicyclist

A crash on the highway has left one bicyclist dead after being struck by a vehicle. The driver, that was reportedly responsible for the crash, was believed to be under the influence at the time of the car accident. The driver has been released since being taken into custody and it is unknown if future charges will be filed against the driver in Colorado in this case.

Colorado woman killed in fatal accident

A woman, who is also known as a marijuana activist and founding member of Moms For Marijuana International, has been in an accident. The Labor Day weekend in Colorado is one that should have been filled with barbecues and mingling with close friends and family. Unfortunately, the weekend was ravaged when the woman was killed in a fatal accident due to a drunk driver.

Colorado car accident: No dedicated EMS service in rural area

An individual may have an increased chance of death if they are involved in a car accident in certain parts of Colorado. If a victim is in a car accident on a rural highway, the chances of dying steadily increase due to the fact that there is no dedicated ambulance service. Residents have called these areas, the dead zones.

Colorado car accident injures three

A six-car accident took place at an intersection recently. The car accident resulted in three people sustaining injuries, and the victims were transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Colorado Authorities believe that one of the drivers had a medical condition which possibly caused a hit-and-run and the multiple vehicle crash.


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