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Several motorcycles involved in Colorado motorcycle accident

Patricia M. Jarzobski

For most people, riding a motorcycle is considered a hobby, but one which is definitely not without risks. Although a motorcycle accident can happen just as easily as any other type of crash, at times such a collision appears to happen at the hands of a negligent motor vehicle driver. A recent Colorado motorcycle accident involving several riders has made headlines.

The accident happened when an SUV crossed over into a group of motorcycles riding together. The man hit two of the motorcycles, dragging them a reported 30 feet. One of the riders died at the scene after being trapped under the SUV. The other rider involved was transported to a local hospital for what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries. There were three other motorcycles traveling with the group that managed to avoid the collision.

No citations have been issued as of yet and an investigation is ongoing. During this time, the family of the deceased man may want to look into the possibility of filing a civil suit. Should the man who apparently crossed over into oncoming traffic be found to have been negligent, the victim's family could potentially receive monetary compensation to help cover final medical expenses as well as burial costs, both of which can add up quickly.

Any Colorado resident that feels they have been the victim of a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver may want to look into their rights under the applicable state laws. Victim's can suffer emotionally, physically, and financially after an accident. With the appropriate knowledge and right guidance, a victim or surviving relatives can better hope to receive monetary compensation for any losses directly related to the accident.

Source: Steamboat Pilot & Today, "1 dead after crash on Lincoln Avenue," Matt Stensland, July 2, 2013


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