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A motorcycle accident can leave a lifetime of pain

Patricia M. Jarzobski

A motorcycle accident can result in a serious injury that can require lifelong treatment. Most riders are aware of the risks involved when they ride, but not all accidents can be predicted. Irresponsible or distracted drivers can often cause a car or motorcycle accident. A recent article about a Colorado Eagles player has drawn attention to the devastation a victim can face.

When an accident first occurs, the victim can receive a lot of attention from family members and loved ones. However, as time moves on, the victim can often feel alone or as if people don't understand their pain. The player interviewed in the article described his weekly schedule including the cost that is involved with the therapy he now needs. His accident, which occurred five years ago, was severe enough to paralyze him. While he has since made progress, it has taken a physical, mental, and financial toll on him.

Medical bills alone are approximately $2,000 a month and that does not include the wheelchairs he has needed since the accident. Those have been donated. Area churches and businesses have pitched in to help with other expenses.

Any Colorado resident that feels they have been the victim from a motorcycle accident may want to look into their right to file a civil suit. As this case shows, an accident can be an expensive event in which some of the financial burden can hopefully be relieved, if another party is found to have been negligent. With an understanding of their rights, a victim can better hope to receive a fair amount of monetary compensation.

Source: coloradoan.com, "Former Eagles player Borsheim's recovery full of 'small steps, big prayers'," Kevin Lytle, June 22, 2013


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