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July 2013 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Colorado robbery followed by car accident, motorcyclist injured

Most drivers would like to know that they are guaranteed to arrive home safe and sound. However, many Colorado drivers would agree that a car accident is a common occurrence so there is no complete guarantee of safety. One of the last accidents someone would expect to get into is one involving police chasing a robbery suspect. A motorcyclist was recently injured after just such an accident involving a robbery suspect.

Fatal car accident in Colorado, driver arrested for hit-and-run

Numerous instances of serious injuries or death are the result of car accidents. Generally, a car accident is even more treacherous when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle operated by a reckless or negligent driver. A fatal car accident in Colorado has taken place recently and involved a pedestrian who was crossing the road.

Fatal car accident Colorado, woman dead and man charged

Many people want to believe that when they travel on the road that they will come back safe and sound. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident is becoming more of a common occurrence in Colorado and across our country. Tragically, another life has been taken due to a driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Several motorcycles involved in Colorado motorcycle accident

For most people, riding a motorcycle is considered a hobby, but one which is definitely not without risks. Although a motorcycle accident can happen just as easily as any other type of crash, at times such a collision appears to happen at the hands of a negligent motor vehicle driver. A recent Colorado motorcycle accident involving several riders has made headlines.

A motorcycle accident can leave a lifetime of pain

A motorcycle accident can result in a serious injury that can require lifelong treatment. Most riders are aware of the risks involved when they ride, but not all accidents can be predicted. Irresponsible or distracted drivers can often cause a car or motorcycle accident. A recent article about a Colorado Eagles player has drawn attention to the devastation a victim can face.


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