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Colorado residents upset over car accident that claimed a life

Patricia M. Jarzobski

A Colorado man recently lost his life while riding his bicycle when he was hit by a man suspected of driving under the influence. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly just three blocks from his home at the time. This car accident has impacted the entire community.

The driver of the car had attended several meetings regarding bicyclists on the road and had apparently voiced his displeasure in having to share the road with them. It was noted that there are several riders in that area and that tensions had risen between drivers and riders. It appears the driver had also previously stated his frustration with bicyclists not obeying the traffic laws.

This accident has stirred up the community because the driver is a pretty well known in the area, but residents have stated that he still should have followed the law. He was traveling the wrong way and failed to yield when he struck the rider and is now facing several charges. Meanwhile, the family of the bicycle rider is faced with the loss of their loved one and having to watch this play out in the media. While charges have been placed, the family could still potentially benefit from filing a wrongful death suit.

Any Colorado resident that has been involved in a car accident knows all too well the pain and suffering that can occur as a result. A person's negligence can often leave a family emotionally as well as financially drained. A victim might be best served to look into their rights under the appropriate law and determine the best way to proceed with any action that could help recover monetary losses. Being proactive can often prove critical when trying to protect your financial future after an accident.

Source: 9news.com, "Driver in crash that killed cyclist in Lyons expressed growing frustration with bicyclists," Will Ripley, May 15, 2013

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