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March 2013 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Colorado woman victim of fatal accident

A Colorado family is currently beginning the long and difficult process of grieving the loss of a loved one. The death came as a result of a fatal accident on Colorado 93. Police believe that a 61-year-old woman was driving her Jaguar convertible southbound when a failed passing maneuver led another vehicle to crash into her car.

Colorado police searching for witness to fatal accident

In the aftermath of an automotive accident, investigators begin piecing together the events that led to the crash as soon as they arrive on the scene. This process involves examining the wreckage, assessing the road conditions at the scene, interviewing witnesses and reconstructing the crash. The more information that Colorado police have in regard to a serious or fatal accident, the better the chances that they will be able to determine how the crash took place, as well as which party is at fault.

Guilty verdict in fatal truck accident involving cyclist

A jury in Boulder County, Colorado has issued a guilty verdict in a trial against a man accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist almost two years ago. The conclusion of the trial comes as a relief to many who have followed the case, and who have hoped that justice would be served in the matter. The fatal truck accident left a 73-year-old cycling enthusiast dead, and has outraged many in the cycling community.

Research suggest new therapies for brain injury patients

For those of us who grew up with encyclopedias and phones that were tethered to the wall, advancements in scientific knowledge over the course of the last few decades are truly astounding. Computer technology has led to a vast array of technological advances in the field of medicine. One recently announced project brings hope to Colorado patients who have lost function due to a serious brain injury.


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