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December 2012 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Charges to be filed after car accident injures bicycle rider

It is easy for Colorado drivers to forget that they share the road, not only with other drivers but with motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians as well. While automotive travel certainly comprises the majority of road traffic, drivers do not enjoy special privileges when it comes to the use of the American roadways. When drivers fail to act in a responsible manner toward others on the road, tragedy can occur. A recent car accident underscores this truth, and serves as a reminder to us all to consider the safety of others while driving.

Fault undetermined in serious Colorado car accident

As we climb into our vehicles and travel to see loved ones this holiday season, it can be easy to forget the risks that accompany road travel. For most Colorado residents, driving is a central aspect of our daily lives, and we can become complacent in our actions. One recent car accident serves as a reminder of the dangers that occur while on the road and a warning to all of us to take the time to drive safely and carefully, with consideration for those with whom we share the road.

Repeat offender admits guilt in DUI car accident

Fewer things are harder for a Colorado family to accept than the serious injury of a loved one due to drunk driving. While there are inherent risks associated with driving and road travel, drunk driving accidents are entirely preventable. When a choice is made to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, the repercussions can be deadly. A serious car accident can forever change the lives of those involved, and leave them with significant emotional and financial harm.

Motorcycle accident leaves man severely injured

When an individual is involved in a serious car accident, the aftermath can be difficult for both the victim and his or her family. The stress and fear that comes at the news of the incident takes a toll. Then, as the person begins to recover, there is a period of adjustment that comes with adapting to new physical challenges and any ongoing medical care needs. One family is beginning this process in the aftermath of a tragic motorcycle accident that took place on a Colorado Springs roadway.


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