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September 2012 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Fatal Colorado motorcycle accident results in charges

When a collision occurs between a motorcycle and an enclosed vehicle, there can be little doubt which party will sustain the gravest level of injury. A recent motorcycle accident in Colorado Springs exemplifies the disadvantage that motorcycle riders have when such an incident occurs. This event could also serve to remind drivers to always keep an eye out for motorcycles whenever driving on Colorado roadways.

Serious Colorado car accident injures 6, alcohol may be a factor

When it comes to driving, there are a number of measures that drivers can take to reduce their likelihood of becoming involved in a serious accident. However, no matter how carefully an individual drives, accidents can still occur when other drivers fail to meet the same standards of care and concern. A recent car accident demonstrates how dangerous Colorado roads can be to drivers as well as passengers.

Wrongful death suit possible in Denver hit-and-run

Denver police have announced an arrest in a recent hit-and-run case that garnered a great deal of attention. Details of the incident have shocked locals and brought renewed attention to the dangers of walking along area roadways. As the case moves forward, it is hoped that drivers will have a heightened awareness of their responsibility to watch for pedestrians on the road, and that pedestrians will make every effort to ensure that they are easily visible to passing cars. It is also possible that a wrongful death suit may eventually be filed in the matter.

Vehicle catches fire in fatal Colorado car accident

A fatal collision at a Colorado intersection ended with one man escaping a car fire and another ejected from the vehicle he was driving. The car accident took place on a recent Friday afternoon in Rio Grande County. The preliminary investigation suggests that a 53-year-old driver of a pickup truck was heading northbound on County Road 3 East when his vehicle collided with a sedan at a cross road. The driver of the car was another 53-year-old man.


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