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May 2012 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Fatal car accident claims young lives near Denver

Police are currently investigating a horrific car accident that took place a few hours outside of Denver, Colorado, last week. Purportedly, the wrecked vehicle was stolen from an owner in nearby Colorado Springs and was being driven by an 18-year-old male. The fatal car accident killed two teenagers and seriously injured three others.

Driver fatigue: A plague on Denver roads

Fatigued drivers can be just as dangerous -- and occasionally deadly -- as drunk drivers. Studies show that driver fatigue is a leading cause of car accidents on Denver area roadways. All of us live in a world of 24/7 schedules, and the residents of urban areas such as Denver are no exception. This means that your late night drive home from the office might entail risks that you hadn't counted on. Indeed, you could encounter a driver that has imbibed a little too much; but the driver directly in front of him or her who had only four hours of sleep in the preceding 24-hour period may be just as hazardous to your commute.

Fatal Colorado accident kills 2, injures 1

Though accidents happen every day on Colorado roadways, most of them are minor, allowing drivers and passengers alike to walk away from the scene. This wasn't the case, however, in one Colorado car accident on U.S. 50 recently that resulted in the death of two Littleton residents as well as the hospitalization of one Durango man. At the time of a local news report, police were attempting to determine possible causes of the accident, such as distracted driving.

Horrific Colorado car accident kills 3 teenagers, injures 3 others

Readers may be saddened to hear of a fatal motor vehicle accident that happened in Colorado on April 28. The car accident tragically left three young teenagers dead and injured at least three others. The 36-year-old driver of the vehicle, in which two of the teenagers were riding, is currently in custody.

Colorado cyclist fatally struck in car accident

Cyclists all too often are the victim of motor vehicle accidents on the roads of Colorado. A former Air Force pilot was killed recently while cycling southbound down Highway 83 in Douglas County. He was rear-ended by a Jeep Wrangler driven by what officials say was a drunk driver. The cyclist was clothed in florescent yellow and wearing a helmet, but it was not enough to prevent this fatal accident.


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