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Woman dead in possible wrongful death case

One woman is dead and another has been injured following a two-car crash near Austin Bluffs on the morning of April 4. Police in Colorado Springs responded to the accident that claimed the life of an unknown woman and sent a 19-year-old woman to the hospital. While police have not yet filed criminal charges, it may ultimately be possible for the family to sue for wrongful death.

According to the information available at the time of this report, the 19-year-old woman may have driven through a stop sign before striking a second car. One occupant of the second vehicle, a woman who has not been identified publicly at this time, was killed in the impact. It is unclear whether anyone else was in the struck vehicle at the time of the crash.

Car accidents: 1 dead in Colorado

Police are still looking into a serious car accident that happened just outside Canon City the night of April 13. Colorado State Patrol responded to the wrong-way crash, which claimed the life of one person. As with most fatal car accidents, an in-depth investigation is still underway. 

According to the Colorado State Patrol, around 9:30 p.m. a vehicle was traveling west in the eastbound lanes of Highway 50. It is unclear why the driver was headed the wrong way. The details of how the crash happened were omitted from the report, but it has been confirmed that three cars were involved in the accident. 

Car accidents: 2-car crash injures 3 in Colorado

Three people were taken to local hospitals after a two-car crash in Colorado Springs, according to local news sources. Colorado authorities were on the scene after the crash that took place on the morning of March 26. At this point, police believe speeding was a factor in the crash, as it is in many recorded car accidents, but no charges have been filed. 

According to the information available in this report, a vehicle driven by an unknown person traveling approximately 80 miles per hour is believed to have run a red light in Colorado Springs around 8:45 a.m. Police have not confirmed whether the car actually ran through the light. However, they have determined the driver was speeding, given the extent of the damage to both vehicles. 

Car accidents: 3 hurt following crash in Colorado

Three people were taken to local hospitals following a serious crash near Towoac. Colorado State Patrol has confirmed that they responded to the two-car crash around noon on March 20. As with many car accidents, this one is still under investigation, though one of the drivers involved has been cited as possibly having caused the crash. No arrests were made at the time. 

According to the accident report, the crash happened on U.S. 160 when one driver apparently fell asleep behind the wheel while headed northbound hauling a trailer. As a result, her vehicle drifted into southbound lanes where she collided nearly head-on with a southbound vehicle. The force of the impact caused the woman's engine to catch fire. 

Car accidents: Colorado man arrested for DUI

A man in Colorado Springs is under arrest following a serious accident that sent four people to local hospitals. The Colorado Springs Fire Department and police both responded to the crash, which involved two vehicles. As with many car accidents, the investigation took several hours. 

Police say a 32-year-old man was driving southbound around 1 p.m. the afternoon of March 15 in an SUV, using the left turn lane to pass other vehicles, when the accident occurred. He overshot the turn lane and drifted into oncoming traffic, striking a pickup truck head-on. The force of the impact totaled both vehicles. 

Car accidents: child hurt in crash in Colorado

A 6-year-old girl sustained serious injuries after being struck by a car in Estes Park, according to local news sources. North Colorado emergency responders were on the scene of the accident, accompanied by local police, to determine the cause of the crash. As with many car accidents of this type, this serious crash is still under investigation at this time. 

An employee at a local store said he heard a loud bang at the time of the accident, which took place on March 8. According to the witness, the 6-year-old girl had been struck by a vehicle not far from the store where he works. Police arriving on the scene blocked off the street to allow medical personnel access to the girl. She was airlifted to a local hospital via helicopter, and her injuries are said to be considered serious. 

Car accidents: Colorado police seek witnesses in crash

Police are still looking for witnesses who may have observed a serious accident in Golden Gate Canyon State Park on the night of Feb. 22. Colorado authorities say park rangers are leading the investigation, which is uncommon in the case of car accidents. However, their investigation is still ongoing at this time. 

Very little information has been made available regarding the specifics of this accident, but it has been confirmed that two vehicles were involved -- a pickup truck and an SUV. It appears to have been a head-on crash that took place on Drew Hill Road. Of the individuals involved, nothing was noted in the report about the occupants of the SUV. 

Car accidents: 2 dead in Colorado

A mother and her child tragically lost their lives in a four-vehicle car crash near Fort Lupton, according to local sources. Colorado State Patrol say several other people were also injured in the crash. As with most car accidents of this scope, this particular crash is still being investigated. So far police have not filed charges against anyone involved, and they have not ruled out foggy conditions as a possible contributing factor. 

According to the accident report, the crash happened on Highway 52 the morning of Feb. 23. The specific details of the crash remain elusive, but it has been confirmed that a 29-year-old woman and her 6-year-old son were both killed in the accident. Neither individual was wearing a seat belt. Her two younger daughters, who were also involved in the crash, were taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

Car accidents: 6 hurt in Colorado crash

A serious crash in Arapahoe County has sent six people to local hospitals, according to news sources. Colorado authorities were called to the scene of the crash, which is still under investigation at this time. As with most car accidents of this type, it is still possible that criminal charges could be filed against one or more drivers in this case. 

Very little information is available about the accident at this time. This includes exactly how many vehicles were involved in the pileup. It has been confirmed by South Metro Fire Rescue, that were on the scene along with the police, that the accident happened in an intersection around 9 a.m. the morning of Valentine's Day. 

Car accidents: Colorado crash kills woman

A woman is dead following a pedestrian-related accident in Louisville, according to local news. The woman's identity has not been released, pending an ongoing investigation by Colorado authorities. As with most fatal car accidents, this investigation will directly affect any charges that may be filed against the driver involved. 

According to the accident report provided by police, around 6:50 a.m. the morning of Feb. 5, the unidentified 59-year-old woman was crossing a street headed eastbound. It is unclear from the report whether she was crossing in a crosswalk. She was struck by a northbound vehicle and suffered serious injuries. She was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel. 


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