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Patricia M. Jarzobski

Driver could face wrongful death lawsuit for trooper's death

Police officers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. As they begin their shift each day they risk being shot by a suspect, targeted for their role as a law enforcer or involved in a high-speed chase gone wrong. Around every corner is another opportunity to be hurt or worse. This was unfortunately the truth for a Colorado State Patrol trooper who was recently accidentally killed while performing his duties. It is now possible that the person responsible for the accident may face a wrongful death lawsuit for their actions.

Recent blizzard conditions have created havoc on Colorado roadways. Car accidents have been daily occurrences as drivers attempt to navigate the snow-covered roadways. A driver slid off the roadway on Interstate 76, and a CSP trooper stopped to assist the motorist. While the trooper was assisting with the accident, a second driver lost control of his vehicle and slid uncontrollably toward the accident site, striking the trooper with his car.

Car accident on Interstate 25 took the life of a toddler

First responders have to see a lot of sights the general public is not prepared to deal with. Car accidents can be very troubling scenes, especially when there are fatalities involved. Most first responders will say that the worst of these are when children are the ones hurt. Some had a challenging evening this week when a three car accident on Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs injured three people and took the life of a toddler.

A car driven by a 23-year-old woman was traveling north on -I-25 in Colorado Springs when she attempted to pass an SUV. When she tried to get back in the lane in front of the SUV the two cars collided, sending the woman's car spinning out of control. After crossing the median, her car entered oncoming traffic and struck a pickup truck traveling south. Her car ended up on the guardrail while the pickup truck spun toward the median. The truck eventually turned over and came to a stop on its side.

Man claims he only had four beers prior to fatal car accident

A snowy Colorado Friday night turned tragic recently. Between the snow and the darkness, the driver of a SUV traveling south on Highway 93 shortly before midnight likely never saw a second SUV coming toward him, traveling north in the southbound lanes with no headlights on. The vehicles collided head-on in a violent, deadly crash. The car accident left one dead, three seriously injured and many unanswered questions.

The driver of the south-bound vehicle was a 76-year-old man. He suffered multiple broken ribs as well as spine injuries. His 73-year-old wife was in the rear passenger seat. She suffered severe head trauma and died at the scene despite attempts to resuscitate her. The two other passengers in the vehicle also suffered severe injuries.

Car accident on Interstate 25 claims life of Colorado man

Life can change in an instant. When going through the daily routine of life, not paying attention and thinking nothing significant is about to happen, it does. Millions of people hit the roadways around 5:00pm every evening in a daze from the workday and just trying to get home for some rest and time with family and friends. Sometimes, in those most routine moments, life changes. That was the case for three individuals involved in a car accident that took the life of a Colorado man recently.

In the daily rush hour traffic on Interstate 25 a Colorado man traveling south in an SUV was suddenly rear-ended by another car. The impact caused the SUV to veer left, plow across the grassy median and head into oncoming traffic. On the northbound side of the interstate, his SUV slammed head-on into a third vehicle, a sedan.

Denver considers if red light cameras reduce car accidents

A new bill is once again under consideration to eliminate the use of red light cameras across Colorado. Lawmakers hope this bill will finally be the one to succeed in the elimination of cameras that they claim don't actually reduce car accidents, but instead change the type of accidents that commonly occur and are simply money-making mechanisms. Cities across Colorado, including Denver, have conflicting views about the use of these controversial devices.

The Denver Police Department claims that the cameras do in fact reduce the number of car accidents, particularly side-impact crashes. They report that accidents are reduced by as much as 60 percent and side-impact crashes by a startling 80 percent, thanks to the cameras. While rear-end collisions increase after the installation of cameras at an intersection, over time, those crashes also decrease. Due to these statistics, Denver is considering adding more red light cameras.

2018 set record for fatalities caused by car accidents

It was a record the city didn't want to set, but unfortunately, it did. Last year became the deadliest year on record for deaths caused by car accidents in Colorado Springs. An alarming 48 people lost their lives in traffic-related accidents on Colorado Springs' roadways in 2018.

According to reports, 23 people lost their lives in car accidents, four people were on bicycles, and eight were on motorcycles. A staggering 13 pedestrians were killed as well, which ties the record for pedestrian deaths. This surprising statistic highlights the importance of being cautious and aware of one's surroundings even when not behind the wheel of a car. Of the 13 pedestrian fatalities, the pedestrians themselves were found at fault in 11 of the cases. This is likely due to distraction – usually cell phones – and the assumption that vehicles will choose to and be able to yield to pedestrians that enter the roadway.

Witnesses have conflicting stories in Denver motorcycle accident

When investigating most accidents, one would think it is great to have an unbiased eyewitness who can clarify exactly what happened. The problem is that if two people witness the same accident, each will usually have his or her own version of what took place, and the facts may get skewed. This is the case with a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Denver recently.

On the evening of Feb. 2, a car that had been traveling eastbound and was making a left turn was struck by a motorcycle that had been traveling westbound. The male motorcyclist was killed immediately, and the female lived a few minutes before also passing away from her injuries. The male driving the car did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Man dies after car accident sends several to hospital

Details are still emerging about a crash in Colorado that took the life of a man from another state recently. A number of cars were involved in a car accident that began with an initial collision in front of a shopping center. According to police, a 69-year-old local woman was attempting to turn left into the shopping center when she was hit by a sports car traveling on the road she was crossing. The sports car was driven by a 23-year-old man from another state.

After colliding with the woman's car, the sports car crossed over the median and into oncoming traffic, where it struck a truck. The truck was driven by a 47-year-old Colorado man, and he had a 13-year-old passenger. There were reports that there may have been two other cars involved, but their roles are unknown. Another crash occurred when an officer who was responding to the scene was involved in an accident en route.

Truck accidents often have serious consequences

Semitrailers flood the roadways across this country, transporting everything from toilet paper to exotic cars. The products they carry enable citizens to live the lives they have become accustomed to -- a life where anything one needs can usually be found in a store nearby. The country depends on the services these trucks provide. There are, however, dangers associated with 80,000 pound vehicles covering the roadways. When truck accidents happen, the results are often catastrophic.

A serious accident involving a truck and a passenger vehicle occurred recently in Colorado Springs. A semitrailer and a car were both traveling the same direction on South Union Boulevard when the truck attempted to make a U-turn. The car struck the truck's trailer and became wedged underneath.

Doctor may face wrongful death claim for mother and toddler

Doctors are often thought of as intelligent, level-headed, responsible members of society. They are expected to demonstrate care and consideration both in and out of the office. Sometimes, however, they make mistakes and act recklessly or even as though they are above the law. One Colorado doctor's seemingly poor judgment in his personal life cost the lives of a mother and her toddler. Now he faces criminal charges and also possibly a wrongful death civil claim for his deadly decisions on a Colorado roadway.

A 43-year-old mother and her 3-year-old son were sitting in their minivan at a red light. A 45-year-old doctor slammed his truck into the back of their vehicle at 56 mph, apparently never even touching his brakes. The impact caused a chain reaction involving four other cars. The mother was killed in the crash, and her son succumbed to his injuries two days later in a hospital.


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