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Wrongful death claim possible in Colorado accident

An 18-year-old driver is facing serious charges following a car accident that claimed the life of another teen, according to local sources. The Colorado State Patrol said the driver suffered only minor injuries in the car crash that killed a 16-year-old boy. He faces charges of drunk driving, as well as vehicular homicide, and state law allows the family of the deceased teen to file a wrongful death lawsuit as well. 

According to the limited information in the report, it appears that around 11:45 p.m. the night of May 3, the vehicle driven by the 18-year-old apparently went out of control, leaving County Road 102 and striking a large rock. This caused the car to roll over onto its roof, ejecting two of the occupants who were not wearing seat belts. The 16-year-old was one of the two who were thrown from the vehicle, and he was killed on site. The other occupant suffered serious injuries and was rushed to a local hospital. 

Car accidents: 1 teen dead, 1 in custody

One teenager is tragically dead following a single-vehicle crash local authorities believe may have been predicated on intoxication. The Colorado State Patrol reported the car accident that claimed the life of a 16-year-old high school student. Several other students were injured in the crash, and the 18-year-old driver is currently in custody. As is typical with most fatal car accidents, this incident is still being investigated. 

According to the report, it appears that around 11:45 p.m. on the night of May 3, the driver was transporting four other teenagers in his vehicle on Garfield County Road 102. It appears the driver lost control while trying to negotiate a right curve in the road, striking a large rock and forcing the car to flip over. Two passengers were ejected from the vehicle, one of whom was the 16-year-old who was killed on impact. 

Truck accidents: Being rear-ended can be devastating

Trucks transporting goods on Colorado roadways are vital to maintaining the way of life that people have become accustomed to. Builders rely on trucks to deliver materials needed for projects. The building industry is thriving and the number of trucks on the road has risen to correspond with the needs of the industry. An increase in truck traffic leads to a potential increase in the number of truck accidents.

A truck carrying lumber recently failed to stop for a line of stopped traffic on Interstate 70 near Denver. The crash happened late one afternoon and involved at least 28 vehicles in a chain-reaction crash. The traffic was stopped due to an earlier accident. The impact from the crash caused a large fire to break out that engulfed many vehicles.

Motorcycle accidents: Crash with truck causes serious injuries

Now that the weather is getting warmer, many are likely taking to the road on their motorcycles to enjoy the spring weather. However, when motorcycle accidents happen, they can cause serious injuries to the bikers and their passengers as well as a significant amount of damage to the bike itself. This appears to be exactly what happened in Colorado Springs when a commercial truck and motorcycle collided.

The accident occurred on Colorado 15 on the morning of Saturday, April 21, near the towns of Capulin and La Jara. According to the Colorado State Patrol, a feed truck had entered the highway from a driveway and was attempting to make a turn onto another driveway. That is when the motorcycle collided with the truck.

Car accidents: three-car crash sends multiple people to hospitals

A driver who allegedly ran a red light is being faulted for a car accident in Colorado Springs that sent multiple people to the hospital. Colorado Springs police reported responding to the accident a little after 6 p.m. on the evening of April 11. The exact number of people involved in the accident was not detailed in the report, and it is unclear whether the driver will face criminal charges at this time. As with most car accidents, this crash is still under investigation. 

According to the limited information provided in the report, a vehicle was negotiating a left-hand turn in an intersection when the driver drove through a red light. This caused a three-car pileup that closed the intersection for some time. Unfortunately, red-light cameras were not yet activated in that area, as they are slated for activation in the spring. 

Driver of RV left scene of serious motorcycle accident

As warm weather slowly begins to creep into the area, two types of vehicles start to become increasingly common on Colorado roadways -- motorcycles and RVs. Both are associated with an increased number of accidents. RVs are large, and many drivers who get behind their wheels are not used to the extra care that must be taken when driving a vehicle of that size. Motorcycles are small, so they are often overlooked by other drivers, and they are more affected by adverse road conditions than other vehicles are. The risk factors of the two combined this week when a motorcycle accident involving an RV left the rider in critical condition and the RV driver on the run.

In the early morning hours a motorcycle traveling east on a Colorado roadway was struck by an RV that had been traveling west and was turning left. The motorcycle offered no protection for its rider from the impact with the large vehicle, and the man was severely injured. Fortunately, an off-duty police officer and off-duty firefighter paramedic were nearby and jumped into action to assist the man. The two performed lifesaving measures on the rider until an ambulance arrived. The man was taken to a nearby hospital and was reportedly in critical condition.

Early morning car accident resulted in serous injuries

The dark, early morning hours are one of the least populated times on Colorado roadways. When the sun hasn't yet come up and the morning rush hour hustle and bustle has not yet taken over, there is often a sense of peace and tranquility. Unfortunately, just because the roadways aren't flooded with cars doesn't mean that they are safe. Car accidents are not uncommon in the pre-dawn hours thanks to multiple reasons including driver fatigue, limited visibility and even intoxicated drivers who are still under the influence from the previous night's activities. A serious, multi-vehicle, early morning car accident recently caused Highway 7 in Adams County to be closed in both directions.

According to police, an SUV was traveling on Highway 7 near East 160th Avenue when, for unknown reasons, it crossed the center line into oncoming traffic. The SUV hit a pickup truck head-on. That impact caused the pickup truck to then hit a van.

What steps should drivers take following truck accidents?

Tractor-trailers perform a duty that is critical for the maintenance of the American lifestyle. With so many big rigs on Colorado roads, truck accidents are bound to happen. Due to the enormous size and weight of these vehicles in comparison to passenger vehicles, those accidents are often quite severe. There are several steps one should take when he or she is involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer to promote safety and prepare for dealing with the legal aspects of the accident.

The first thing to do after any accident is to call 911. Depending on the severity of the accident, police, paramedics and firemen may be dispatched to the scene. When police arrive, it is important to relay the details of the accident clearly and precisely. This information will be used to help determine who is at fault. The police will prepare an accident report, and it is essential to obtain a copy.

Driver could face wrongful death lawsuit for trooper's death

Police officers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. As they begin their shift each day they risk being shot by a suspect, targeted for their role as a law enforcer or involved in a high-speed chase gone wrong. Around every corner is another opportunity to be hurt or worse. This was unfortunately the truth for a Colorado State Patrol trooper who was recently accidentally killed while performing his duties. It is now possible that the person responsible for the accident may face a wrongful death lawsuit for their actions.

Recent blizzard conditions have created havoc on Colorado roadways. Car accidents have been daily occurrences as drivers attempt to navigate the snow-covered roadways. A driver slid off the roadway on Interstate 76, and a CSP trooper stopped to assist the motorist. While the trooper was assisting with the accident, a second driver lost control of his vehicle and slid uncontrollably toward the accident site, striking the trooper with his car.

Car accident on Interstate 25 took the life of a toddler

First responders have to see a lot of sights the general public is not prepared to deal with. Car accidents can be very troubling scenes, especially when there are fatalities involved. Most first responders will say that the worst of these are when children are the ones hurt. Some had a challenging evening this week when a three car accident on Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs injured three people and took the life of a toddler.

A car driven by a 23-year-old woman was traveling north on -I-25 in Colorado Springs when she attempted to pass an SUV. When she tried to get back in the lane in front of the SUV the two cars collided, sending the woman's car spinning out of control. After crossing the median, her car entered oncoming traffic and struck a pickup truck traveling south. Her car ended up on the guardrail while the pickup truck spun toward the median. The truck eventually turned over and came to a stop on its side.


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