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Patricia M. Jarzobski

Finding Answers And Getting Results After Tragic Plane Crashes

Commercial and general aviation accidents illustrate the tragic, traumatic scope of personal injury law. Aviation accidents, whether plane or helicopter crashes, often involve complex legal and insurance issues. At the Denver, Colorado, Law Office of Patricia M. Jarzobski, P.C., our legal team has extensive experience handling aviation accident cases. We can provide legal strategies that can help you and your family find answers after tragic plane crashes.

Any number of factors can come into play to cause a plane or helicopter to crash. We understand how to investigate your accident to help prove appropriate liability or negligence. These factors can include:

  • Pilot or crew error
  • Component / part malfunction
  • Design or manufacturing defect
  • Maintenance problem

Patricia Jarzobski's aviation cases include:

  • Estenssoro et al. v. Jeppesen - Represented the families of top oil executives in South America when a Gulfstream 2 business jet crashed in Quito, Ecuador, killing all onboard.
  • United Flight 811- Represented over 50 passengers on board United Flight 811 that experienced an explosive decompression when the cargo door blew off at nearly 13,000 feet.
  • United Flight 232: Represented families from United Flight 232 that crashed in Sioux City, Iowa.
  • United Flight 585: Represented families from United Flight 585 that crashed in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Northwest Airlines Flight 255: crash in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Represented three passengers onboard a Pilatus PC-12 that crashed into the Sea of Okhotsk.
  • Aircraft wire strike cases arising from the failure to mark power lines so they are visible to pilots.
  • We have litigated cases against Cessna, Beech, Air France, Continental, TWA, Piper, Mitsubishi and other airlines and manufacturers.
  • A sample of our other cases include: helicopter crash in Yemen, Africa, onboard death of passenger on commercial airliner in the Philippines, float plane crash in Minnesota, fatal crashes during aircraft flight instruction, fatal wire strike crash over Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado, carburetor icing cases, Air Traffic Controller cases.
  • Fraudulent aircraft sales, improper annual inspections and repairs, and fraudulent logbooks cases.

Domestic And International Accidents

The location of your airplane crash determines the extent of your legal recovery. International airplane crashes are regulated by two distinct international agreements. These agreements provide strict legal liability and negligence guidelines for lawsuits.

Our attorney, Patricia M. Jarzobski, started her career specifically handling aviation accident cases. She understands the unique legal challenges surrounding your claim. She has deep knowledge of the Warsaw Convention and Montreal Protocol, which regulate international crashes. She can investigate your claim and provide legal strategies tailored to your needs.

NTSB Issues

The National Transportation Safety Board investigate the cause of aviation accidents. However, we understand that the NTSB does not always come to the most complete or the most accurate conclusions. We work with the some of the best aviation pilots and aviation accident reconstruction experts in the world to investigate and to get to the real answers on why a plane crashed.

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