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Car accidents may be caused by various distractions

Although the campaign against using cell phones while driving is certainly justified, the truth is there are many things can distract drivers. Unfortunately, many people have found that simply not keeping focus on the road can lead to car accidents. One of the recently reported car accidents in Colorado has led to the death of a man in Denver.

Lawsuit an option after fatal car accidents

There is a responsibility of all drivers to be alert to present and potential dangers on the road. Ignoring signs of a roadway hazard can result in serious car accidents. Whether those car accidents happen because of an act of nature, another accident or impaired driving, the person deemed to be at fault can face considerable consequences. Colorado State Patrol troopers are continuing to investigate an accident that killed one man.

Car accidents cause a range of damages

With the millions of people on the road each day, there are bound to be numerous car accidents in every state. Some car accidents may result in serious injuries or fatalities, while some barely cause a scratch to the vehicles involved. Colorado State Patrol reported on a recent afternoon accident between a bus and two sedans.

Deadly car accidents often lead to lawsuits

It is not usual to see many cars out on the road in the dead of night, which may be one of the reasons some drivers are not so cautious and may not completely follow the rules of the road during that time. Those rules were put in place to prevent car accidents and to keep drivers and their passengers safe, no matter the time of day or night. One recent crash in Colorado Springs resulted in a fatality.

Many car accidents are a result of bad decisions

Everyone has had to suffer the consequences of wrong choices, some worse than others. Many car accidents happen because of poor choices made before and/or while a driver is behind the wheel. One of the most recent car accidents being investigated by Colorado State Patrol troopers resulted in the death of a 24-year-old man.

Negligent driving may result in car accidents

While some car accidents are caused by acts of nature, most others are caused by negligence on the part of at least one driver. Cell phone usage, alertness of a driver or rubbernecking can all be distractions and can result in destructive car accidents. Colorado police are investigating a recent accident that led to one fatality and serious injury for others involved.

Lawsuits likely to be filed after car accidents

Advertisements warning the public not to drink and drive have been around for several decades. Nevertheless, there are those who ignore the advice and get on the road after having consumed enough alcohol to impair their reaction times, increasing the chances for causing serious car accidents. Not one, but two Colorado drivers are facing charges after allegedly driving under the influence.

Many car accidents can be attributed to drug or alcohol use

Although many car accidents in Colorado are caused by the weather, the number caused solely by human error is also quite high. Cell phones, finding a decent radio station or even children are distractions that can cause people to have car accidents that cause tremendous damage. Add impairment because of drug or alcohol use, and the chances of having an accident skyrocket.

Serious car accidents often leads to Colorado lawsuits

It is not uncommon for lawsuits to be filed after people are injured in car accidents. Usually, however, the plaintiffs and the defendants involved in the car accidents are not well acquainted. One Colorado woman may choose to file a suit against her friend, however, after the friend apparently crashed the car in which she was a passenger.

Car accidents can claim lives of any age

People who get behind the wheel of a car have a responsibility to ensure their full attention is on the road while they are driving. Any less than complete concentration by drivers can result in car accidents. Those drivers who cause car accidents often face charges, the severity of which is determined by the cause of the collision. A Colorado high school senior was killed in an accident just a month before his graduation.


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